Features of BadgeSoft Photo ID Software

BadgeSoft is a suite of powerful integrated software packages for the design and production of image cards for identification and security. The following software editions are available as part of the BadgeSoft solution.

BadgeSoft Free Lite

The entry level edition of BadgeSoft, Free Lite is a standalone system that offers the customer the ability to design and print their own cards using images imported from graphic files or acquired from scanners. BadgeSoft Free Lite is free for all customers to use.

BadgeSoft Small Business Edition

For the advanced user, BadgeSoft Express brings the power of live image capture and integration of cards with BadgeSoft data files or Microsoft Access databases. Additional advanced features include batch printing of cards and generation of reports.

BadgeSoft Professional

Professional is a feature rich edition of BadgeSoft, allowing the customer to conveniently and securely access databases over their network. Many databases with ODBC drivers are supported, so getting at data for use on cards has never been easier. Despite all the advanced features such as client/server networking, image cropping, data search and customizable report generation, Professional remains very easy to use.

BadgeSoft Premium

Premium is the most comprehensive edition of BadgeSoft, completing the product offering to include even more advanced features such as mobile database technology, an operator trace facility, a postcode lookup facility, advanced reporting and photo ID reject processing.
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