Sample Application of BadgeSoft :

BadgeSoft is used to design and print plastic identity cards - the one type of cards used across all industries. Below are a few sample uses of BadgeSoft to help demonstrate how one might use plastic cards in an organisation. Other uses include healthcare cards, guarantee cards, phone cards, frequent flyer cards and the ubiquitous credit card.

Universities providing identity cards for students

Some schools and universities already provide some basic form of identification for students. With BadgeSoft they can add more value to that identification by providing plastic cards with barcodes and magnetic stripes for use in libraries and entry/exit.

Companies requiring time and attendance management

BadgeSoft enables printing of entry/exit cards to work with existing time and attendance systems so that an organisation and its employees can track, in a secure fashion, the amount of time employees are in attendance.

Tracking and identifying visitors to an organisation

BadgeSoft can satisfy all visitor management requirements by providing a networkable product edition that is specifically tailored to issuing visitors with identity cards, checking visitors in and out of a premises or trade show, and generating a customisable selection of visitor reports.

Club cards for clubs wishing to issue membership cards

Whether it be for an exclusive gym or a late night club, BadgeSoft can be used to provide customers with membership cards that have been designed with the club emblem or insignia. These cards can serve to both identify members and promote the club.

Organisations running loyalty programs to secure customers

BadgeSoft eases the management of customer loyalty programs with plastic cards for identification and loyalty bonus tracking.

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