BadgeSoft VisitorBook

The Visitor Management Solution

BadgeSoft is a suite of powerful integrated software packages for real-easy design and printing of Photo ID cards. VisitorBook is a specially tailored edition of BadgeSoft to enable your organization to professionally manage visitors.
Track visitors to your organization

As well as incorporating many of the features of BadgeSoft Professional for ID card production, the VisitorBook system clearly timestamps and flags visitors IN and OUT and enables you to generate advanced reports on your visitor data.


BadgeSoft VisitorBook provides a professional solution for secure visitor management in corporations, government facilities, multi-tenant buildings, hospitals, schools, night-clubs, golf clubs and other sporting organizations, race meetings, conferences and much more.

In most organizations today, visitor data is still captured using pen and paper. With VisitorBook, all relevant visitor details are captured electronically in a secure visitor database, including a photo of the visitor, contact details and the name of the person being visited. Business cards are electronically scanned and even biometric data in the form of a signature and fingerprints can be captured. In very little time, a new visitor is processed, issued with a freshly printed visitor identification card and checked in.

The VisitorBook software harnesses many of the features of the identity card products in the BadgeSoft suite and adds critical functionality for visitor management, including:
  • A unique new graphical user interface that is ergonomically designed to provide maximum ease-of-use.


  • A visitor database base tailored specially for capturing and securely storing valuable visitor data.


  • The ability to pre-register visitors – staff can pre-register visitors from any networked PC using a web-based pre-registration facility.


  • Support for capturing visitor biometric data – photos, signatures and fingerprints.


  • Support for managing employee visits - maintaining employee records and issuing staff photo ID cards.


  • The ability to send various announcement e-mails to the person visited – used to announce by e-mail visitor’s arrival, departure, need for assistance, etc.


  • The ability to mark visitors excluded from entry with alarms to signal entry attempts by excluded visitors.


  • Support for setting timeouts for visitor passes with alarms to signal out-of-date visitor passes.


  • A facility called the Visitor Gate that allows security personnel to monitor visitors checking in and out, permitting photo verification in real-time.


  • Advanced features as standard – visitor pass encoding with magnetic stripes, barcodes and smart chip programming.


  • Network support – an unlimited number of PCs running BadgeSoft VisitorBook can easily be networked over a common LAN to share access to the visitor database.
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